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Thanatic Ethics: The Circulation of Bodies in Migratory Spaces
Second International Conference:
Response, Repair, Transformation

Date: 28 - 30 April 2022

Venue: Maison Francaise D’Oxford, Oxford University, Oxford, UK

Theme: Life and Death in Migration


Constantly surveilled yet paradoxically unseen, the bodies of dead migrants follow the tracks of the living on migratory routes. On their perilous journey to foreign lands, migrants come close to death or encounter it. Once settled, some of them yearn to be buried with their ancestors in their homeland, a few prefer the soil where their children grew up. The Thanatic Ethics project explores the social implications and aesthetic representations of the circulation of bodies in migratory spaces. After a series of Webinars and two Workshops (October 2020 to September 2021), the Oxford Thanatic Ethics conference seeks to address the liminalities of life and death in migratory spaces.

To see the full abstract and bio of the speaker, please visit Thanatic Ethics’s website.

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