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One-Minute Keyword Reels Series

A Glimpse into “Comparative Cultures of Care”

This Keyword Reels Series showcases highlights from the dynamic short videos feature insights from fourteen speakers from the “Hong Kong 2023 Humanities Conference on Comparative Cultures of Care”, held on November 2-3, 2023.   Each short video reveals a keyword representing an aspect that they passionately care about, to which they have dedicated extensive academic effort and research. These concise yet impactful reels offer a glimpse into the intricate tapestry of care, showcasing the diverse perspectives that emerged during the conference.

01 Dr. Eric Feng |

Aesthetic-Social Turn

02 Prof. John Erni |


03 Dr. Duke Bagulaya| Inversion

04 Dr. Adam Muller | Immunization

08 Prof. Jo Littler | Autosociobiography

12 Dr. Daren Leung | Waste

05 Prof. Liz Jackson | School

09 Dr. Joshua Trey Barnett |


13 Prof. Amanda Third |


06 Dr. Bidisha Banerjee| More-than-human

10 Prof. Mette Hjort| Agency

14 Dr. Zimu Zhang| Awkward Entanglements

07 Prof. Ellen Seiter| Child-care

11 Dr. Jeffrey Clapp| Alterity

15 Prof. Sasha Sidorkin|


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