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One City One Book Hong Kong

One City One Book Hong Kong (我城我書) is a community reading programme. Each year, we encourage as many people as possible to read and discuss a single book. By planning and hosting activities related to the year’s book, and by collaborating with other organizations, we aim to promote literature, reading, and civic engagement. We encourage everybody in Hong Kong to pick up a book, pass it along, and multiply the joys and the insights of reading together. In 2019, the inaugural year, we focused on issues of migration and identity related to Shaun Tan’s The Arrival. In 2020, we focused on Hong Kong temporalities and modernity in Xi Xi’s classic My City. In 2022, we are focusing on family, memory, and community in the poetry of Yam Gong. The project may be explored more fully here.

One City One Book Hong Kong 2019

One City One Book Hong Kong 2020

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