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Eric Fan Feng (1).jpg


  • Project Officer

  • Faculty of Humanities, EdUHK


D3-P-04E (Humanities Research Hub), EdUHK


Dr. Eric Feng is an artist and project officer of Comparative Cultures of Care: An Interdisciplinary Project at the Faculty of Humanities at the Education University of Hong Kong. Before joining EduHK, he was an Associate Professor of Art at the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. His work is in several public collections and has produced numerous public art commissions around China. In 2015, he was awarded the “East Asia Fellowship” by ARIAH (The Association of Research Institutes in Art History).

Research Interests

  • Ecological Art Practice

  • American Art history

  • Public Art & Visual Culture

  • Eco Criticism 

  • Environmental Humanities

selected publication

1. Zhou Zhong, Fan Feng, et al. “Making University and Curricular Sustainable Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of Tsinghua University,” Asia Pacific Education Review, DOI: 10.1007/s12564-022-09797-y

2. “The Concepts of Teaching and the Teaching of Concepts: The Pathways of Chinese and Western Modern Art Education,” Journal of Tsinghua University Education Research, no.12 (December 2019): 56-58 DOI: 10.14138/j.1001-4519.2019.S1

3. “8B.C.and the Alternative Art Space in the 1980s East Village New York”, New Art, no.10 (November 2017): 104-133

4. “Cataract and Unknown Object: The Ecological Consciousness in Shang Yang’s Recent Works,” New Art, no.06(2018, January): 128-131

5. “The Artistic Style of Roman Mosaic in Pre-Christian Era,” Journal of Tonghua Normal University, no.01 (2018 January): 34-43

6. “The Human Stink in the Cyber Space: cyclo. and Digital Aesthetics of Media Art”, Zhuangshi, no.11 (2015 November): 56-60

7. “The Construction Principles of the Contemporary Art Data Base”, Archival Management, no.3 (2015 March): 39-41

8. “Garbage and Archaeology: from Benjamin to Foucault’s Archival Theory,” Archival Management, no.5 (2015 May): 10-12

9. “The ‘other’ and the Emotions in Modernism Art,” Art and Design, no.12 (2015 December): 121-124

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