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CPCH Webinar Series 

Date: 10 December 2021 (Friday)

Time: 15:30 – 16:30

Title: Dear Hong Kong: Celebrating Diversity in Asia's World City


Oskar Valles, Aggie Lam and guests

Format: Zoom 

This webinar is part of the event series Otherness and Belonging in Hong Kong.


Dear Hong Kong, is a photo book of 200 pages featuring inspiring people from different countries, all living in Hong Kong, and their contribution to our city. The final goal of the project is to show the cultural diversity of the city through personal stories that inspire, promote inclusivity, break existing stereotypes and widen horizons.

About the speakers:

Oskar Valles

After 9 years in Hong Kong Oskar wants to give back to the city doing a project to increase social awareness in diversity and inclusion. He deeply believes in the unity of all humans, regardless of race, occupation, religion, or any other excuses people sometimes use to separate themselves from others.


Aggie Lam

Aggie’s life mission is to collect and discover as many inspiring stories as possible. She’s driven to slowly influence people around her to be more compassionate in order to achieve mutual understanding and respect among people across different backgrounds. She currently works in a social enterprise focusing on cultural education.

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