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youth caring leadership training and action program

Of late, youth has become the center of a kind of “culture war,” leading to polarized opinions about their lifeworlds and capacities. Terms like “radical youth” and “lying flat youth” have caricatured and labeled them, often missing many who want to care and take constructive and proportionate actions to transform their communities. Research shows that an individual with curiosity, empathy, and conscientiousness is more willing to contribute to society persistently, even through small actions. Liaising with a registered HK-based NGO dedicated to curate journeys that cultivate care actions that is accompanied by an intercultural mindset, this project will ask: What is an effective intercultural framework for mobilizing youth caring leadership that can leverage youth’s digital and gaming competence, foster their self-drive for action and change, and help to overcome social inequality? We hope to go beyond designing an action programme for the participants, to look for and examine the system- or framework-level that underlines the motivation for change, including the underlying values, beliefs, ideologies, local-global outlook, analysis of social crises and inequality, and most importantly, the comparative intercultural analysis of care.

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